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The first livejournal community dedicated to the rare Gundam Wing pairing of HeeroxQuatre.

Fanfics,fanart or whatnot can be shown here.:)

All's I ask is this:

First,this is a yaoi/shonen ai/boy's love community,meaning that Heero and Quatre are acting more than just friends.....pretty much,if you don't like yaoi,there are other nice places on livejournal to go to. As far as ratings go,this comm is whatever goes,so lj-cut fics or fanart,if sex and/or nudity is involved.

No fighting-some GW fans like 1x4x1 but don't see it. That's fine but,you can't go around and tell people otherwise why they shouldn't believe that there isn't a possibilty for the couple(ex:someone else's post and reply with why so-so can't be together).
Some people see things some don't,please understand. I know somebody wouldn't like it,if they said they didn't see 1x2x1 or 3x4x3.

No bashing-Yes,some of you don't like Relena and/or Dorothy and that's okay,but I WON'T tolerate bashing of anybody. Parody fics are okay,serious fics are not.
But I prefer to keep the parody fics of that sort low and I would rather have you "don't write them if you don't like 'em"

The community is about HeeroxQuatre,as in stay on-topic!

No bastardised versions of Heero and Quatre!-This means no whiny uke!Quatre,silent!Heero,bastard!Heero,innocent!Quatre,weak!Quatre,Yuki Eiri!Heero or any fanon version of these characters or anybody else!

1x4x1 only please-There are enough 1x2 and 3x4 stuff outthere online,Now 1x2 or 3x4 or even 1xR in the past or future of your fic is okay BUT they can't be the main focus.

So if you want to look for 1x2/2x1 or 3x4/4x3 as the main couple,these communties can be helpful:




I'm not being mean or anything,I still like 1x2x1 and 3x4x3,but I rather have this place 1x4/4x1 only.

If anyone harasses anyone on here,you will be banned,no excuses!

That is all.